Date: September 9 – 12, 2019
Location: Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC), Boston, MA
Booth: 429

BioTech Week Boston

Biotech Week Boston is dedicated to accelerating the business of biotechnology through new ideas, science, technology and partnerships to make a positive impact on patient health. Come meet our team of experts and view our two posters that will be presented below. If you wish to schedule a meeting with any of our team of experts, please click below.

Poster 1:
Accelerating Development and Manufacturing Platform for Viral Vector

Developing innovative advanced therapies is one of our greatest opportunities to dramatically improve patients’ lives. In this poster, we will discuss our recent technical advancement on efficient viral vector manufacturing process development. From cell line development, suspension culture of HEK293 cells, media optimization and purification process, a series of progress were implemented to advance our platform development for scalable large scale manufacturing of viral vectors, e.g. AAV and Lenti.

– Scalability is important
– Efficient process with high quality and high yield
– Platform

Poster 2:
Considerations for development of a platform lentivirus harvest clarification process for cell and gene therapy

New therapies, medicines and cutting-edge technologies have enabled the production of next generation treatments that improve patient care, simplify administration and increase the availability of life changing medicines. One of the new technologies emerging in the biotech manufacturing market is the use of viral vectors for cell and gene therapy. One commonly used viral vector in this space is lentivirus, due to its robustness to package and deliver target DNA. Intriguingly, lentivirus as a means of pharmaceutical production presents new challenges for bioprocessing development and required purification unit operations such as clarification. This work explores a variety of lentivirus harvest clarification options and items for consideration during manufacturing platform development of viral therapy production using suspension cell lines.


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