Closed-Process CAR-T

Our best-in-class service platforms enable cell and gene therapies to be developed, manufactured, and released faster and with greater predictability

We have been manufacturing CAR-T products since 2014. Our Closed Process CAR-T Cell Therapy Platform provides advanced therapy companies with fully integrated CAR-T production capabilities that support groundbreaking advances in the field of cell and gene therapies and help speed these innovative treatments to global markets – and patients – with greater predictability.


Platform Features

  • A honed two-tier development paradigm (EDP/LDP) offering a closed system of end-to-end integrated solutions.
  • Regulatory and technical expertise, with dedicated process and analytical development teams.
  • A state-of-the-art GMP manufacturing facility that offers enhanced capacity and scheduling flexibility to meet customer timelines.
  • In-stock raw materials and consumables – ready for use – with established batch records.
  • Full in-process and release testing, plus complete quality control and characterization services.
  • Choice of two modalities depending on dose requirements, using a list of pre-evaluated equipment, technologies and materials with developed closed processes for different unit operations.

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