Viral Vector Production Platform

Rapid Path to First in Human with greater predictability.

To alleviate the industry bottleneck for Viral Vector Supply, we invested significant resources to develop a production platform that delivers QC tested and released GMP lots.

Viral Vector Production Platform Overview

  • Ideal for Lenti, AAV, and Adenovirus Viral Vectors
  • Greater Supply Chain Control – materials are in stock, assembled, and released
  • Accelerated program start – plug and play if you meet defined criteria
  • Elements include raw materials, cell line, MCB/WCB, plasmids, upstream/downstream process, analytics, batch records, SOP’s, trained staff
  • Closed Adherent Production System utilizing Corning HyperStacks reduces contamination risks
  • Dedicated Suite Model: Upstream and Downstream performed in the same suite
  • Up to 250 L Yields (Gene of Interest Vector Dependent)
  • Integrated in-process and release testing performed onsite

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