Premier CTDMO with next-generation platforms from Discovery to Commercialization for the Cell and Gene Therapy market

Through the acquisition of OXGENE, a pioneering United Kingdom-based contract research and development organization that designs and develops scalable gene therapy technologies, WuXi ATU combines it’s world-class cell and gene therapy CTDMO platform with OXGENE’s innovative capabilities. This addition brings a new frontier in cutting-edge cell and gene therapies with proprietary technology and automation platforms that enable rapid, cost-effective services. By integrating the full suite of technologies needed for cell and gene therapy manufacturing along with expertise in molecular discovery, we provide transformative solutions along with end-to-end support for our customers and partners worldwide. Now further strengthen by OXGENE’s expertise in designing DNA sequences, optimizing expression of proteins, developing cell lines, and improving viral delivery systems, WuXi Advanced Therapies continues to deliver more effective and accessible advanced therapies to patients globally.


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