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For cell and gene therapies the process is the product. Our experienced scientists and engineers will help you assess the varying nature of your process and achieve desired scale, consistency, optimization and GMP readiness.

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Move from Bench to Scale

Leverage our team’s expertise to help you develop a scalable and robust GMP ready process.

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Our experienced process development team will create a robust GMP-ready protocol that satisfies regulatory needs and minimizes cost.

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Optimized Process Development

WuXi Advanced Therapies’ process development team has significant expertise and experience in cell and gene therapy across all phases of development and manufacturing. This gives us the ability to help you develop a product-specific process that maximizes efficiency, minimizes costs, is GMP ready, and meets typical regulatory requirements.
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Process Development for all Phases

We collaborate with you to develop or optimize your process to ensure that it is robust, phase-appropriate, scalable, and proven.

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