XOFLX™ Packaging and Producer Cell Lines

XOFLX™ stable technology and corresponding packaging and producer cell lines offer a simplified high-yielding LVV manufacturing system that lowers costs & improves process consistency.

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Key Benefits of XOFLX™

Streamlined and Low Cost LVV Production

Low Cost

High Performance

Higher Yields

Consistent & Stable



Who Needs XOFLX™

Therapy developers who have a product that requires a large amount of LVV or those screening multiple GOIs can benefit from XOFLX™ because it eliminates the need to create multiple plasmids. It has been shown to work well across a wide array of transgenes and the integrated LVV genes have reduced homology for improved safety.
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How XOFLX™ Works

XOFLX_Packaging and Producer Cell Lines

Optimized and Integrated LVV Expression

XOFLX™ packaging and producer cell lines stably express genes needed for LVV production, eliminating the need and expense of multiple plasmids.

The system utilizes an integrated Tet-inducible VSV-G and Gag-Pol expression strategy and is engineered for low homology between expression cassettes for an improved safety profile.

The XOFLX™ cell line was selected for high growth and viability, low aggregation, and high productivity. It has robust scalability, and the low complexity process results in decreased batch to batch variation.


Reduce Complexity and Costs_XOFLX

Simplified and Economical Production

XOFLX™ LVV production is a streamlined and more economical process than conventional four plasmid approaches.

Transient four plasmid systems require the independent creation of VSV-G, GagPol, Rev, and GOI Plasmids. With XOFLX™ the plasmids needed for LVV production are already integrated, as is the TetR gene which confers inducible control.

The integrated sequences have been optimized for productivity and have low homology for improved safety. Once a producer line is established, no further plasmid is needed.

XOFLX_Production Comparison

Performance Across Multiple Transgenes

The LVV Production Comparison chart shows a comparison of eight different transgenes for transient, XOFLX™ packaging, and XOFLX™ producer approaches.

XOFLX™ worked well for all transgenes, with infectious titers generally increased when compared to the transient approach.


Improved Consistency

XOFLX™ packaging and producer cell lines provide more consistency than transient systems.

The data below shows comparison of GOI titer CV for transient, XOFLX™ packaging, and XOFLX™ producer lines.

Compared to transient, both XOFLX™ packaging and producer lines have less variation.

The Path to Drug Production
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02. Development & Manufacturing

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