Cell Banking

Regulatory agencies worldwide require a continuous and well-controlled supply of the specific cell lineage utilized in your manufacturing process. WuXi Advanced Therapies’ team of experienced cell culture and bioanalytical specialists will manufacture your bank and provide all the analytical support and documentation required to release it under industry recognized quality assurance standards.

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Robust Track Record

Our team has successfully manufactured, characterized,
and released dozens of cell banks.

20+ Years of cGMP Cell Banking Experience

Integrated Testing and Characterization

From Research Grade to Commercial

Ability to Right-Size Production

Why WuXi Advanced Therapies

We can manufacture, test and characterize your cell banks at the same site, with all activities managed by a single project manager.

Templated Approaches

Integrated Testing Services

Proven Quality Systems

Variety of Cell Culture Platforms

Streamlined Project Management

Integrated Testing and Characterization

Our cell banking team will expertly manufacture your bank and utilize our co-located testing and characterization services to confidently release your bank including cell line identification, viability and purity. Please get in touch for a full list of all the assays and testing services available with associated sampling requirements, turnaround times (TAT) and price.
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Vast Cell Line Experience

Our team has experience with a wide array of cell lines ranging from mammalian to canine and more.








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