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May 5, 2024

Advancing AAV Manufacturing: TESSA® Platform for Scalable and Efficient Gene Therapy Production




TESSA®️ vectors are self-silencing E1/E3 deleted Ad5 vectors, genetically engineered to cripple its own replication cycle, and delivery ‘Ad helper functions and AAV Rep/Cap genes into serum-free suspension HEK293 cells for scalable AAV manufacture.

TESSA®️ Duo – co-infection with two TESSA®️ vectors (RepCap & GOI) yields over 30 times more AAV compared to the triple transfection process. Scaling up production in bioreactors yields of >7E+11 GC per mL of cell culture and >1E+17 GC of rAAV6.

TESSA®️ Pro – co-infection using rAAV and TESSA®️ RepCap enables >5,000-fold amplification of input rAAV, yielding up to 4E+11 – 2E+12 GC/mL. TESSA®️ Pro process exhibits high efficiency in genome packaging, generating up to 90% full capsids before purification.

TESSA®️ technology integrates in-house testing capabilities, including biosafety assessments, viral clearance, and product release testing.

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