Plasmid Design & Manufacturing

WuXi Advanced Therapies offers GMP-like and GMP production of plasmids for use in a wide variety of R&D, clinical, and commercial bioprocessing applications.

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WuXi Advanced Therapies Plasmid Manufacturing

Experience With Complex Custom Plasmids

Our patented plasmid technologies and experience allow us to successfully design and manufacture custom plasmids used in research, clinical, and commercial processes.

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WuXi Advanced Therapies provides a single source for your most complex plasmid design and GMP manufacturing challenges.

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Integrated Platform for Plasmids

WuXi Advanced Therapies offers a complete suite of services for intricate plasmid design and manufacturing. Our seasoned teams deliver high-quality plasmids for research, clinical, and commercial applications with robust analytical testing.
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Our expertise and patented plasmid designs allow expedited turnaround on your research and GMP-grade plasmid projects.

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